Icy is one of the main characters from Dragon's Destiny. She is one of the 2 heavy hitters in the group.

She has an adult counterpart making a guest appearance in the comic Bond of Ice and Blood


Icy is a know it all (and might be rich not sure) you can see a crown and a glass thing and and is embarrassed about it and her family is one of the rich ones. She likes to reads books with Time Watcher, Soften hangs out with Novi and Plasma and get along with them really well. She completely unaware that her friend Basher has a crush because of her weight.


Episode 1Edit

Icy met Time Watcher and the rest of her friends when she was young one day at school. She introduced herself and said that she wants to be the smartest Ice dragoness

Years later, Icy grew very fond of cookies and became fat. To solve that she tried to make a potion to help her lose weight. However Basher had a crush on Icy because she's fat so he tricked her into making a weight gain potion instead. Icy drank the potion eagerly, but to her surprise the potion made her a lot fatter than she was before. She immediately knew Basher was responsible for that.

Episode 2Edit

The next day Icy, still mad by her increased weight and assuming Basher had played a prank on her went to confront him. When she did her friends were all surprised to see how fat she is now.