Time Watcher (Timer) is the Main Protagonist of Dragon's Destiny Chapter 1 The Last Time Dragon.


He is young and has a kind heart and always care for his friends and family and he love to read books.  His mother is a light dragon named flower (due to the flower at the end of her tail) but he does not know who his father (Ken) is He is also a little timid and very apologetic, also he has a secret crush on Novi, Doesn't mind Speedy running around, Sometimes tries to talk to Plasma, Help Basher plant trees, Read books with Icy, Relaxs with Shift, Likes Learning from Flashin, And Have a Deep Bond with his Mother Flower.


Episode 1Edit

One day Flower was taking a very young Timer to school, albeit delayed by Flower's weight not letting her fly. On the way there he ran into Novi, whom he defended from a bully and unknowingly gained her affection. Later at school Timer was introduced to his future friends.

A few years later Timer, now a teenager, was hanging out with his friends before returning hom to find Mother Nature. She gave him a book about Time Dragons, something Flower considered a bad idea Due How The Dragon Countil Are.

Episode 2Edit

The next day Timer ran into Novi, and the two had a moment before being interrupted by Icy being mad at Basher for ruining her weight loss formula and making her very fat, and Plasma giving Speedy a bad hair cut as payback for pulling a prank on her.

Two Dark Dragons, Hollow and Ashley, appeared and attacked Timer and his friends. After Ashley's mask was burned off By Novi,

Hollow explained what their childhood was like and attacked Timer, causing him several injuries. Suddenly Timer's eyes started glowing blue and he showed some unusal powers. The fight was interrupted by a dragon calling himself the next Dark Lord appeared and revealed he knows Timer's mother. Out of anger Timer attacked the Dark Lord who then ran away when Flashin appeared. Timer was left heavilly exhausted so he was taken to Mother Nature's house to recover.

Half an hour later Timer woke up and was told to rest a while. While he was alone a dragon wearing an artificial leg appeared to warn him that his powers are not a blessing but a curse. Before Timer could ask anything else the dragon dissapeared, leaving Timer confused an worried. He chose not to tell anyone about that dragon.

Episode 3Edit

Two weeks after the encounter with the Dark Dragons Timer has become fat from eating too many cookies.